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Career Options

Career Options

Why A Career in Clinical Research?

  • Sunrise Industry, Booming Market
  • Huge Demand & Supply Gap, Easy Entry
  • White Collared, Knowledge Intensive Job vis-à-vis Boring Sales/Marketing/Production Jobs & Unstable and Uncertain Clinical Practice
  • Good Career Prospects
  • Quickies (quick money, growth on the ladder)
  • National & International Travel, Cross-cultural Exposure
  • Increased Contacts, Marketability
  • Understanding of Drugs, Diseases & Management
  • I Love Research, Documentation, Paper Work
  • Clinical Research Associates :- They are responsible for all clinical activities of the company
  • Monitors :- who monitor the research project.
  • Investigator :- who is responsible for the treatment of the patients,
  • coordinator :- coordinates the study with the organization,
  • Analysts :- responsible for analytical department.
  • Data management :- for handling data and biostatistics
  • Regulatory manager :- for submitting documents for trial permission and
  • Auditors and Inspectors :- for auditing the trials.
  • CRC SHOULD WRITE ABT ALL THESE LIKE above & BELOW and add if any more
  • Project Manager
  • QA/QC
  • Monitor
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Medical Science Liaison :- Work for a drug company traveling to Dr. offices to discuss and understand the MD’s needs and thoughts on current medicines and trials. (not pharm sales!)
  • Medical Writer :- Designing, writing any documents needed for a clinical trial; no travel
  • Data Management :- very introverted; no travel
  • Pharmacovigilance (AKA Safety):- no travel
  • Ethics Committees (IRBs) :- Independent safety agencies; no travel
  • FDA :- all types of jobs, working for government
  • Research Scientist :- available in industry and government jobs; no travel.

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