Established with the purpose of connecting, supporting and growth of the community of St. Harvard students and its Alumni, the Harvard Crimson Organization for Latter day Saint Alumni to facilitate communication and networking amongst its members. This organization fosters the spirit of fraternity amongst the latter day saint community. Similarly, in India CRIMSON: Clinical Research Institute with Management Studies On-line education is working selflessly in creating candidates to work in the medical industry. Thinking of just a decade ago there was no such study in India and the aspirants had to go to other countries to learn the skill and spend lot of money on the foreign studies. It is serving as a boon because India at the moment has requirement of half a million candidates to work in this industry.


To understand clinical research in a simple form is, it being a systematic study of pharmaceutical products for discovering and verifying the clinical, pharmacological adverse effects and hence determining the safety and efficacy. It is relatively new business and job opportunity for professionals in India. No Contract Research Organization existed earlier in India, this change is brought by Clinical Research Courses of Crimson. In fact the pharmaceutical companies would be running their own clinical trials without a proper manpower and that would result in soaring expenses and non -compliance results. One wouldn’t get global multi-centric participation of doctors.

The emergence of different types of research players has provided various career opportunities to the prospective clinical research professionals in multiple fields:

  • bio-availability management
  • site management
  • bio-equivalence studies
  • Phase II-IV trials Trial Monitoring
  • data management
  • central laboratories
  • biotech, chemistry and biology
  • bio-IT solutions
  • CR training

The programs are evaluated keeping in mind the comfort of all those who wants to grow in this field. There are some professionals who cannot attend classes on regular basis so the distant study program is most suited to their requirement.  And the candidates who do not have any work experience gain the advantage of being placed through the institute as they have big organizations in their association. These organizations are always in need of new recruitments. It is not just the education that takes one places, one needs to gain the skills to present oneself to the world. So the soft skill program enhances a personal development of the candidate teaching him/her on how to communicate.

The Clinical Research Training at Crimson is being specifically imparted in the department of Oncology. Cancer being one of the worst diseases needs a proper counseling as it breaks a person physically and mentally. Counseling is one of the careers that is of utmost importance and is considered very divine, because a person who needs to gain mental wellness has to undergo few medical therapies to overcome depression and anxiety. The part time diploma courses and the time duration at crimson are:

  • Post graduate Diploma in clinical research – 9 months
  • Advanced post graduate Diploma in clinical research – 1 year
  • Short term certificate courses for Industry Professionals – 6 months