Any treatment that is administered without knowing the consequences is dangerous as there is no way of knowing if the medication is safe and effective, that is the reason that clinical trials are very important. Therefore a role of clinical research associate becomes vital in ensuring that the information gathered from the trials is reliable, ethical and obtained safely. This field is growing tremendously and is full of opportunities. The benefits of the clinical trials are:

  • One may get a promising new treatment method that can’t get outside clinical research.
  • The new method may have lesser side effects than the regular care.
  • It may be the first of the kind to benefit the world.
  • Helping people with the similar disease, in the present and also in the future.
  • An entirely new treatment gets evolved


Crimson Clinical Research Institutes in Mumbai have been established to impart knowledge and training to those who aspire to make a mark in the field of clinical research. Few people find it humble job and want to be associated with such career. There is an eligibility criterion that needs to be followed for applying to this institution.  One has to be from the science background to be able to apply for post graduate diploma or any other certification course from any re-known institute. The training also inculcates soft skills in the associate so that one is able to communicate well with the prospective clients.

The Clinical Research Training in Mumbai at Crimson produces most reliable CRA professionals who undertake the duty of

  • Visiting the site of clinical trials throughout the process while these are going on.
  • They oversee whether all the protocols and standards are being maintained.
  • He is also responsible for collecting and completing the necessary paperwork, including the consent forms and standard operating procedures.
  • He maintains and reviews and analyzes the study data.
  • The well- being of the study subject and negotiation of solutions arising during the course of clinical trials is also part of CRA duty.
  • The CRA is a liaison between physician who is conducting the clinical trial and the sponsored of the trial which may be any government agency, a pharmaceutical, medical device or biotechnology company.

Studying at Crimson Mumbai is loaded with benefits:

  • The education system is wholesome for the graduates and post graduates
  • The distance learning program gives advantage to working professionals to upscale their profile without hindering their professional life
  • The soft skills developed are helpful in polishing the personality of the person and providing better opportunities.
  • The placement in best of the corporations is guaranteed
  • The practical training that is provided to its students help them in learning and over-coming the real life challenges in the field of clinical research
  • There are courses of all kinds, one may choose a part time or full time course that is required to better their profile

It provides a professional culture and provides chances of learning new things